Gift ideas for Valentine’s Day!!

Diamond and gold earrings

14th February, universally advertised as the “day of love”, doesn’t have to translate into boring, cheesy cards or calorie-adding chocolates or even wilting flowers. And jewellery doesn’t have to be expensive or necessarily a diamond. Agreed, diamonds are a woman’s best friend but women love jewellery. Period. Here’s a list of jewellery gifts that you may want to buy her if you are planning to score a couple of brownie points: Heart shaped pendant The JPearls Lovely Earrings Set – No one can fail to be wooed by these earrings. Cute as well as elegant at the same time, these earrings can be work to casual night-outs. Price: Rs. 450 Valentine's Day jewellery The JPearls Valentine Day Combo – This combo combines two pairs of earrings and a 2 string bracelet with diamond shaped hearts attached. Price: Rs. 850 Pendant The JPearls Fairy Princess Diamond Pendatnt – A sweet diamond pendant that speaks elegance in its entirety. With 16 diamonds set in a gold pearl drop, be sure to sway her off her feet with this one. Price: 12, 975 Diamond pendant The Jpearls Everlasting Diamond Pendant – With 25 diamond pieces set in a gold chain and a pendant, let this necklace be a vow for your everlasting love. Price: Rs. 9,975 Gold and diamond ring The JPearls Cypress Finger Ring – The simple design of the Cypress Finger Ring means this ring steers clear of overly soppy sentiment. Price: Rs. 14,900 Diamond and gold earrings The JPearls Sparkling Diamond Earrings – What better way to say I love you than with a pair of beautiful .160 carat diamonds set in 2.6gms of gold earrings. Price: 18,150 Gold earrings The JPearls Love Bugs Diamond Earrings – These are cute and small and can be worn for a casual date-night or throughout the day as well. Price: Rs. 15,900 Tops The JPearls Spring Diamond Earrings – If you are doubtful about her choice in jewellery, then these smart, and classy, spring diamond studs are the perfect buy. Price: 12,600

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